About Briarcrest PTA

We are parents, family members, teachers, staff, and faculty working together to improve the educational experience of all children at Briarcrest Elementary.  We advocate for the children.  We raise funds to help support and provide programs and activities at Briarcrest such as grants for teachers and staff, the art docent program, Heritage festival, ice cream social, STEAM fair and yearbooks.


PTA members are anyone who has joined by paying their $15 donation (scholarships available).  Membership in the PTA provides a voice and vote in how raised funds are spent.  There are also member benefits through Washington State PTA and National PTA.  By becoming a Briarcrest PTA member you are also a member of the WSPTA and National PTA. 

5 Myths of PTA

Myth #1: My child’s life will be the same whether or not I join the PTA.

Fact: Students do better in school when parents are involved in their child’s education.​ Joining the PTA puts you in direct contact with other parents and teachers at the school. It is a great way to make friends in the community. It also shows your child that you are invested in their educational experience.

Myth #2: The PTA has the same members and volunteers year after year and everyone knows each other.

Fact: We welcome new members and volunteers every year​ to work along side our dedicated volunteers who do return. Many of us were strangers at the beginning of the year!

Myth #3: The PTA is just for stay-at-home moms.

Fact: The PTA is for everyone!​ Our members are mothers, fathers,caregivers, teachers, grandparents, and community members. We have a wide range of members who: stay-at-home, work part-time to full-time,have young children to high schoolers and/or college students, and are continuing their own education and more!

Myth #4: The PTA has all the help they need.

Fact: The PTA continues to need volunteers​ for events and committees year-round. We need you! Your perspective, talents, and knowledge.

Myth #5: If you are a member of the PTA you have to volunteer.

Fact: Only You can decide how much time you can give.​ Becoming a member gives you a voice in how PTA spends funds and how we advocate for all the children at Briarcrest. PTA members do not have to volunteer.