Kindness Challenge

"Kindness is contagious"!

We can all use a little more kindness in our lives.  So we are challenging you, the whole Briarcrest community, to do acts of kindness during the month of February.  Students will be bringing home bingo boards with ideas for kind actions, but feel free to use your own ideas too.  Our goal is to get 450 kindness bingos during the month of February.  That’s only 1 bingo for each student, but for an extra challenge see if you can get blackout!  

Click for the English Bingo Board or here for the Spanish Bingo Board.  How many rows, columns, or diagonals you are able to fill?  We want to be inspired by how awesome you are because "Kindness is contagious"!


Report your bingos by returning your completed board to school by March 1st or send a picture of your board to

When we reach our goal BC PTA will provide sidewalk chalk for recess!